Cryogenic Pumps

CryoZone offers a range of cryogenic pumps specially designed to achieve heat transfer between an application and a cooler using a flow of liquid.

Cryogenic challenges with a Cryogenic pumpCryogenic Pump

Through years of experience CryoZone has developed a lot of cryogenic knowledge. Especially regarding handling cold and delivering it to the customers’ application. This results in one of CryoZone’s leading edge products created and optimized for cryogenic liquid flow distribution. The CryoPump, also known as a cryogenic liquid pump, liquid nitrogen pump, cryogenic circulator or just cryogenic pump, will achieve efficient cold transport for cryogenic challenges.

Cryogenic liquid pumps

High efficiency flow for closed loop cooling systems

CryoZone offers a range of liquid gas circulation pumps. The cryogenic circulators have been optimized for closed loop cooling systems. These cryogenic pumps are used to circulate a liquid gas in order to transport cooling power from a cold source into and through an application. Examples are superconducting cables and thermal shields in vacuum chambers or other (large) devices. The required cooling power usually comes from a cryogenic system using a cooling machine or bulk liquid. In either of these cases there is a limited budget of cooling power which makes the efficiency of the pump of the utmost importance. The efficiency of CryoZone's liquid gas pumps ranges from 30 to more than 50%, depending on the set-up of the closed loop system. Important factors are the required flow versus the pressure drop over the system. By balancing these at the system design phase, the total set-up can be optimized.

Typical applications are closed loop cooling systems, or (LNG) spray pumps.

If a standard Cryogenic liquid pump is not available, CryoZone is willing to discuss the possibilities for a custom design pump. Please contact us for more information.


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