Cryogenic Gas Heat Exchangers

In order to create a closed cooling loop by means of a Cryogenic gas (typically Helium gas in the range of 100 - 10 Kelvin), a Cryocooler and a CryoFan will be required to provide the cooling power and to circulate the gas (the cryogenic cold gas will be circulated through the application to be cooled and transported back to the cooler). However, most commercial available cryocoolers on the market are not designed to directly cool a flow of gas. Therefore CryoZone has designed a range of clip-on heat exchangers which can be mounted directly on a range of cryocoolers to transfer the cold produced by the cryocooler into the gas.

The cryogenic heat exchangers have been designed to assure a highly efficient heat flow from the pressurized gas to the cryocooler. This results in a very small dT between exit gas and cooler, ensuring maximum available cooling capacity in the gas loop.

Heat exchangers for cryocoolers and cryorefrigerators

Different models are available to match different type of cryocoolers or cryorefrigerators and process conditions. 

  • Heat Exchangers for various Cryomech series
  • Heat Exchanger for Ulvac RSC40T
  • Heat Exchanger for Sumitomo 415D
  • Heat Exchanger for Leybold 140T

See all our Heat Exchangers below!

In case one of the existing models does not meet your specific process conditions, CryoZone is able to design and manufacturer one that will. Please contact us to discuss.

Note for Stirling Cryogenerators:
In contradiction to most commercial available cryocoolers, the coolers (Cryogenerators) of our sister brand Stirling Cryogenics have a Heat Exchanger integrated in their cold head. This eleminates the need for this separate heat exchanger. Check out their product range here.



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