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CryoZone offers a wide range of cryogenic fans, named CryoFans, specially designed to achieve heat transfer between an application and a cooler by using a flow of gas. As direct conduction cooling between an application and a cooler is not always possible, CryoZone has developed a different way to tackle this problem:

With a Cryogenic fans an (inert) gas flow (typically Helium or Nitrogen) is created that thermally connects the application to a cryocooler.

This cold source can therefore be installed at an adequate distance and position from the application. Heat losses of the application are transferred to the cryocooler by the circulating gas.

CryoZone has developed a product line of CryoFans ranging from a volume flow of 0.1 to 500 M3/hr. After assessing an application’s requirements relating to cooling power, temperature and temperature homogeneity, the optimal combination of flow and pressure drop can be determined. On the basis of this data the right CryoFan for the job is chosen.

CryoFans specifications and features

As at cryogenic temperatures every Watt of cooling power is scarce and expensive, it is critical that thermal losses are reduced to a minimum, especially because pumping of gas will introduce heat (labor) into the system. With this in mind the CryoZone CryoFans have been designed and developed. 

The Fans achieve the highest efficiency possible, while having very low thermal losses. Furthermore the CryoFans have been designed for a Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM) of > 20.000 hours.

Like all centrifugal pumps, the main parts are the impeller and volute. Their dimensional shape determines the functionality and efficiency of the fan. The impeller is driven by a high rpm electric motor to create the flow. All components are placed within a single housing with the motor installed within the pressurized gas volume. This solution avoids the use of a rotating seal and hence the risk of leakage.

In order to avoid the use of a cold bearing, the motor is kept at ambient temperature, outside of the cryogenic system.  To create a thermal barrier between the motor and the cold impeller, the latter is mounted on a long thin stainless steel shaft. This cantilever set-up with a high-precision balanced shaft and impeller ensures a MTBM of over 36.000 hours.

The helium pressure housing with pump volute is mounted onto the cryostat and the helium circuit lines are connected. The motor with shaft and impeller can now be mounted from the outside. This means that the complete impeller unit can be removed without breaking the vacuum.

CryoFans are typically selected based on Volume flow (which depends on the required mass flow, in combination with the working pressure and temperature).

The graphs below show the flow rate of the available CryoFans and can be used for the initial selection. By clicking on the selected model, additional information will be available.

   cryofan graf 1 cryofan graf 2 cryofan graf 3


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