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With the increasing demand to minimize the effects of oil based fuels on the environment, alternative energy sources show large steps forward. More and more companies are willing to invest in researching and developing alternative fuel sources. Two low environmental impact alternatives are considered with priority. Natural gas and biogas from different sources. In order to store, transport or use large quantities of Natural (or Bio-) gas it is cryogenically cooled and liquefied at temperatures around 110 Kelvin (-163°C, -260 °F). This is called LNG (liquefied Natural Gas) or Liquid Biogas.

This liquefaction, storing and shipping of large quantities of a cryogenic fluid (LNG) creates several issues. Cryozone's equipment can help to overcome them.

When LNG is stored boil off gas (BOG) will become an issue. As the fuel is stored at the cryogenic temperature of around -163°C, heat in leak into the tank (which will always will be there) will cause the liquid to boil and turn (back) into gas. This BOG need to be managed as this is (valuable) fuel, but also very harmful to the environment (Methane gas is a high contributing greenhouse gas). One of the most effective methods to manage BOG is to re-liquefy it, with some source of cold energy. See also the product range of our sister brand Stirling Cryogenics.

CryoZone equipment will be able to assist with this. In case of indirect cooling (for instance with liquid Nitrogen of gaseous Helium) our Cryogenic pumps and CryoFans will allow you to create an closed loop system that efficiently creates the required flow, without destroying the costly cold energy.

In case of direct cooling of the LNG (for instance with a Cryocooler) our LNG pump will efficiently pump the LNG toward the cold source after which it can be sprayed back into the storage tank.

Upon request, CryoZone will be able to supply custom build cryogenic solutions for the LNG and Biogas industry. 

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