High Temperature Superconductivity

CryoZone is your partner for solutions in HTS related issues since many years. 

Whether this is merely engineering, supply of cryostats, supply of cryo fans and cryo pumps, or even the supply of a complete system, CryoZone’s highly skilled and experienced engineers will create the best conditions to make your projects and experiments a success.

As CryoZone is an independent entity within the DH Industries organization, we are not bound to use DH Industries equipment only, but we have access to any available component, worldwide, to choose the ones most perfectly suited for your specific application.   

The equipment can be configured upon customer requirements and can be executed redundant (pumps, cryogenerators, instrumentation etc.).

Cryozone's equipment provides solutions for different applications in this industry:

  • HTS Power Cables
  • HTS Rotating machines
  • Fault Current limiters
  • Magnets  

For our HTS solutions see:


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