There are several applications in the healthcare industry for which cryogenic soluations are used. 

One of those applications is cooling of (MRI) magnets.


HTS magnets require to be at around 20K. Using a He gas flow these can be cooled and kept and this temperature.

For a first cool-down, a superconducting LTS magnet is often cooled with LN2 to first reach 77K. This is then pumped out, after which LHe is used to cool down further. This process is complicated and costly because the LN2 must be removed completely as it will induce quenching. The further cool-down from 77K with 4K liquid is not efficient. Using our CryoFans in combination with a cold source, CryoZone can provide a pre-cooling system from 300 to 20K using cold helium gas. After having reached 20K, the cool down to 4K can be done with LHe. Avoiding to cool from 77K to 20K by LHe gives a huge savings in LHe costs.

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