Objects in space are subjected to its almost perfect vacuum, cold and solar radiation. For instance temperature on the moon can fluctuate from 40K to 396K (-233 to 122°C or -387 to 253°F). So for organizations like NASA, ESA, and organizations building (parts of) space crafts, satellites, instruments etc. it is important to test their equipment and materials in those extreme temperatures and vacuum conditions.

CryoZone's equipment is very suited to support this, earth based, testing, research and space simulation. Typically used in closed loop, cryogenic cooling solutions. The CryoFans and heat exchangers can be used to create gaseous Helium cooling loops to cool down test units or test chambers down to 20 Kelvin.

The LN2 pump can be be used in closed loop LN2 systems, for instance to cool (vacuum) cryopumps in space simulation chambers.

Typical applications are:

  • Space simulation and shroud cooling
  • Shielding and cryopumping
  • Instrument cooling
  • Densification 
  • Aerospace research


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