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CryoZone is known for their original approach to solve complex problems encountered by professional users of cryogenics.

We offer an extensive choice of products, such as cryogenic circulation fans, cryogenic pumps and heat exchangers for third-party cryocoolers. These products create specifically designed cryogenic systems for clients who operate unique process designs and IP.
CryoZone's expertise extends to everything that involves the control and circulation of cryogenic fluids and gases, such as LN2 and GHe, to cool and heat an application. We handle every aspect of the cryogenic process related to coding, cryogenics, pressure, heat and physical flow.

Our highly specialized knowhow and determination never to give up enable us to help clients successfully meet their cryogenic challenges.

Our Cryogenic Systems

Our cryogenic systems support applications with gas or liquid cooling. The type of gas or liquid depends on the application. Common for our systems are Helium and Nitrogen but other gases (like Oxygen, Argon, Methane, Neon etc.) are also possible.
Typical applications are in the field of High Temperature Superconductors (HTS), Space simulation chambers, MRI magnet cooling, Observatories, closed loop cryogenic cooling system etc.

CryoZone is a registered brand and trade name of  DH Industries. Our headquarter and manufacturing facility is located in The Netherlands in the town of Son, at the outskirts of Eindhoven (~100 km south-east of Amsterdam).

DH Industries Group is the holding company focused on Cryogenic services, engineering and equipment. For more information on our company please visit


Cryogenic Fans

CryoZone offers a wide range of cryogenic fans, named CryoFans, specially designed to achieve heat transfer between an application and a cooler by using a flow of gas. With a Cryogenic fan an gas flow (Helium or Nitrogen) is created that thermally connects the application to a cryocooler. This cold source can therefore be installed at an adequate distance and position from the application. Heat losses of the application are transferred to the cryocooler by the circulating gas. See our CryoFans.

Cryogenic PumpsCryogenics pump

CryoZone offers a range of liquid gas circulation pumps. The cryogenic circulators have been optimized for closed loop cooling systems.
These cryogenic pumps are used to circulate a liquid gas in order to transport cooling power from a cold source into and through an application. Examples are superconducting cables and thermal shields in vacuum chambers or other (large) devices. Learn more about our CryoPumps.

Cryogenic Gas Heat ExchangersHeat exchangers cryozone

The cryogenic heat exchangers have been designed to assure a highly efficient heat flow from the pressurized gas to the cryocooler. This results in a very small dT between exit gas and cooler, ensuring maximum available cooling capacity in the gas loop. See all our Heat Exchangers.

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